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For example, one of the things I brought up, and which resonated with others in the forum, is professional development for adjuncts, and how unfair it is to them to ask them to do this without getting compensated for it.

The other thing that made me pause was another participant located outside the US who found a resource about teaching his subject that is centered around non-Western approaches. I thought this was a really good find and I wonder if more such resources/societies exist in other fields.

On another note, I am also a big advocate for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) to be rewarded as research in tenure and promotion. This seems to be one of the areas other CLTs would like to grow in the future but which is tricky.

I’m overall enjoying the course and the discussions… Feeling weird being a student in a closed space after working openly online for so long. I mean, I work in Slack teams but those are people I have relationships with that aren’t bound by a few weeks. I follow them on Twitter. In this Course, I have no relationship with other participants beyond the course and I’m already sad about that. But again, many may not even be active on Twitter and I would have missed meeting them altogether if I hadn’t joined this closed course. So it’s a trade-off. And besides, some stuff I write in the assignments is probably best not said publicly anyway.

So it is not my favorite thing, not my favorite way to learn, but it’s working for me for now, and it’s always useful to keep trying new (or in this case for me, old) ways of learning so we can better support our students and our faculty (as facdev).

It reminds me of Lee skallerup Bessette and I once talking about doing facdev, the MOOC This one is that kind of meta….

I’ll stop for now coz I need to sleep.

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So, I’m not American, so I may be off-track here, but I feel like some recent children’s movies that are meant to tackle racism indirectly (but really quite directly, imho) are doing so with only partial success. The two I wanna talk about are Zootopia (called Zootropolis in some places) and Zombies (Disney movie).

Let me start with Zombies because I just saw it recently. The backstory is that Zombies used to eat brains, but they’ve been neutralized by some technology and been living in separate areas that have poor facilities and wear government issue clothes and are homeschooled… And they know that normal people dislike them, except that the hero (Zed?) believes that people who don’t like zombies just haven’t met him yet… While normal people live in colorful sunny places. And anyone who is “different” in any way has been snubbed (so for example the heroine of the movie has freakish white hair and has to cover it up with a blonde wig so no one knows).

To offer a reductive explanation for the data, the nature of interactions of molecular water with the linkage must be reconsidered and compared with intramolecular hydrogen bonds. In a polymer, such as cellulose, all of the side groups can interact with water, and so in each molecular conformation distinct possibilities for interactions with local water molecules will be available. Without considering loss of degrees of freedom, there is negligible energy difference between a directly intramolecular hydrogen-bonded conformation and a water-bridged conformation ( Williams and Westwell, 1988 ). Therefore, rather than using intramolecular hydrogen bonds as the causal explanation of structuring, it is proposed that geometries are preferred for the ensemble as a whole, that is for molecule and water. In this interpretation cellulose has a single conformation consistent with favorable polymer–water interaction ( Figure 5a ). This conformation implies a rigid and the fully extended molecule. Similarly, xylan has a single favorable region that involves water bridges at the linkage ( Figure 5b ). On the other hand, the β(1→4) linkage in hyaluronan is predicted to possess two competing favorable water structures ( Figure 8 ) which have differing linkage conformations. The question of structuring in these polysaccharides then reduces to understanding how these polymers interact with water, using statistical mechanics, rather than naively assuming they are stabilized by intramolecular hydrogen bonds. Here these arguments are made for cellulose and xylan. In cellulose the argument revolves around the hydroxymethyl group, which is common to pyranoses.

Restricting the motion of the hydroxymethyl comes with a relatively high penalty, compared to other parts of the molecular assembly. This is because the hydroxymethyl can potentially occupy a large number of conformations, as compared to, say, a hydroxyl. Similarly, water molecules in the region of O3 and O6 have many degrees of freedom. Thus the preferred dynamic state will be that which preserves the maximum degrees of freedom in the hydroxymethyl group together with the maximum freedom of movement of local water molecules in this region. In the two-fold cellulose conformation, it is the OH3 rotamer that has lost degrees of freedom ( Figure 10a ). It could occupy another rotameric state if it was not involved in the hydrogen bond to O5. However, in this dynamic scenario the hydroxymethyl occupies all rotameric states, except the tg conformation ( Figure 10b ). Now the hydrogen bonds elucidated in Figure 3 can be seen to be part of the water structure around the hydroxymethyl group. The gt and gg states are stabilized by water bridges from O6 to O3 (in two separate orientations Figure 10c and e ). More importantly, water molecules can exchange rapidly with these structures, which preserves the number of degrees of freedom available to water molecules while maintaining intramolecular hydrogen-bond networks.

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